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Update regarding this term for the LOGOS Virtual Saturday School

Hi everyone, hope you are doing well?

Just to let you know, the Saturday school will be on this week Saturday 10th July. Head to the book online section to register for the sessions. This term is 6 weeks.

If you would like to get in touch with us, feel free to fill out the contact us form, email us at or You can also reach us via social media. We are on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

The sessions are aimed at children in KS2, KS3, and those doing their GCSE’s. We hope you have a good week and that you stay safe. The sessions are online and are taught via Google Meet. We also offer one to one tuition, please get in touch if this interests you!

If you would like to sign up, but aren’t sure how to use Google Meet or Google Classroom; the latter is used for the purpose of setting and marking work- then get in touch with us 🙂


The LOGOS team

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LOGOS Virtual Saturday School update

We are now offering an 11 Plus class on Saturdays. We have also restricted the class sizes to 5 for the children to receive the best support they can. Moreover, our lessons for KS2, KS3, GCSE, and A level continues to be delivered during various times during the week.

Each session (1 hr, 15 minutes) is £15.00, but if you pay for the 5 weeks in advance you are entitled to a discount!! #schoolsupplies, #educatetoempower, #educationservices, #childrenswellbeing. Also, there is a family and friends discount of 10%.

If interested, you can reach us on Facebook @logosdevelopmentltd, Linkedin. @logosdevelopment, and twitter @logosservices.

Any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at

Thank you for your continued support!


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LOGOS Community Interest Company West Midlands

Good news!!

In August 2021, we registered LOGOS West Midlands Community Interest Company (CIC) as a socially minded vehicle to drive through our community-based aspirations as it concerns our longer-term objectives to empower, enable and support people to become the best that they can give their individual circumstances and context.

LOGOS strategic aim is to provide supplementary education to children and young people who are underachieving in mainstream schools which will be reflected in better examination passes giving them better chances and quality of life, and in particular children and young people from the BME community in Birmingham and the surrounding areas

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A note from the CEO

LOGOS West Midlands is a solution-based charity that supports health and social care organisations to deliver quality educational services across the West Midlands.

Our aim is to work alongside educational settings to help build resilience, capacity, and stamina in relation to the learning experience.  Furthermore, to support children and young people in helping them to re-engage in education, especially as we recognise the detrimental impact of the Covid 19 coronavirus pandemic.  We understand that many of our young people face daily challenges in their lives not just linked to education, with that in mind we offer support to our most vulnerable, such as those in the Local Authority care system.  We work alongside professionals to help meet learning objects and targets set in Personal Education Plans, offering tuition in the core subjects.

Making Sense of Your History

Know your history (your history can either bind you or be a source of power: so make the most of those defining moments in your life; ‘death and life is in the power of the tongue’, King James Bible)

Acknowledge your history (how you can use these events to ‘shape your outlook’: according to Malcolm Gladwell, it is your ‘Tipping Point Moment’)

Articulate your history (use to career build: write that CV with a ‘difference’ = paradigm shift) Sir Michael Lyons ‘place shaping’; ‘social engineering’

We strongly believe that early help and effective intervention can help to bridge gaps and increase confidence in our children and young people.  Evidence suggests that since the national lockdown and post, many children and young people have lost their appetite and stamina for study (Ofsted, November 2020).

Therefore, our service will promote positivity in education, developing self-esteem by building on study life skills suing tailored programmes of learning delivered by assigned mentors, such as university students (Kings College London) and year 13 students from a local Grammar School, several which are regarded as ‘gifted and talented’. To further enhance the quality of the curriculum, we have a dedicated role for quality control, provided by someone steep in early years background. Vivean brings to this role, direct experience of working in early services as a provider of services and later as a regulator / inspector. She holds both a Batchelor of Education and a Master of Education, which has given her a unique insight into practice and theory.

We would like to take the opportunity to meet with you to discuss your business requirements and present you with a range of solutions which will support the business to improve or maintain quality services.

Finally, for a no obligation discussion on your business requirements, please contact me on the above details to arrange a meeting.

Gilbert R Pomell