Black children, in particular Caribbean boys, are labelled as ‘educationally subnormal’ and unfamiliar with the English language as a whole. Our aim and initiative at Logos are to support, uplift and mentor all our students. We need a group of dedicated individuals to mentor and inspire our students to create a brighter future.

Every child, young person and adult at some time in their lives will need a loving and supportive person to guide them along the way. Many may choose to disagree with this statement, however, we know for sure that for some a little help at right time and at the right pace is all that one may need to make a change in their own life. 

We are calling for ‘Volunteer Enablers’ who are passionate about our social mission and willing to assist either through your financial donations or by a ‘gift in kind’ through devoting time to work with and mentor others.

You can use the form below to register your interest in becoming a volunteer with LOGOS.

Briefly explain why you’d like to get involved with LOGOS and which program or opportunity you’d be open to working on.